Virginia Beach City Council Issues

Virginia Beach City Council Issues

Here is where I take a stand on Virginia Beach City Council Issues.

Balanced Budget

We need to balance the budget. Currently our city is 2.6 billion dollars in debt.

Public Safety and Crime

Our first responders need to have pay corrected and their morale boosted. We need to ensure we have enough responders. We need to have them properly equipped so we do not continue to have a lack of protection. We have a significant shortage of police officers–at least 80 officers. The biggest question is WHY are we 80 officers short? In Virginia Beach we have some of the best academy training available. We are losing trained officers to neighboring cities due to officer pay and benefits being less competitive. With the right people on the council, we can correct these problems. We can keep our crime rate down, protect our families and friends, and protect taxpayer assets better.

Infrastructure and Flooding

Fixing flooding must be a priority-it doesn’t matter what we build if it’s under water. Most of us running (and most voters) agree that flooding is a problem in Virginia Beach! There is one thing we don’t all agree on and that is HOW and WHEN to address flooding. Flooding is a multi-layered process to fix. We do not need to wait for any studies to be completed to get started right away clearing drains, ditches, and watersheds! Also, currently our city is 12 years (I repeat, TWELVE YEARS) behind on this maintenance. Additionally, once the results of the study that is currently being conducted comes out, I would take the professional recommendations and make efforts to implement them as a top priority in our city budget.

Small businesses

These businesses are the heartbeat of our community and they are loyal to Virginia Beach. Small businesses don’t just create jobs–they also create a sense of community! I’d like to streamline the processes for starting a small business and reduce regulations. This will make it so individuals aren’t discouraged from starting a business in our community.

Virginia Beach City Council Issues

Handled with Integrity, Transparency, and Service

Finally, if you are concerned about these issues, join me in voting for Susanne Henderson. Vote on November 6, 2018 for Virginia Beach City Council Lynnhaven District!

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